Grossmont Middle College High School

There are a few things students should review as they matriculate:

GMCHS students are all ambassadors of our very special school. We are all guests on the college campus and comport ourselves appropriately at all times. We expect students to be college capable, independent and self-motivated. We provide students the venue; it’s up to them to make use of it. This is a great opportunity, but it is still school.

GMCHS students are members of an exceptionally diverse cohort. While we may be very different from each other, we always treat each other with respect. 
All high school and college rules apply. Student signatures indicate that they and their parents understand and will abide by all high school and college rules as well as the laws of the city, county and state. Breaking a rule or law, on or off campus, particularly those relating to the abuse of drugs or alcohol, will result in suspension and/or expulsion.
This is the only school in the district that requires an application process. Students want to be here and must continue to strive to stay here.

Being a part of Middle College is a commitment until graduation. Students should be certain that they can commit for the entire time.

This isn’t an early out school (it’s not for running away from high school), it’s an early in school (providing entry to college up to two years ahead of most students). GMCHS students are already in college and are fortunate to have their fees waived and receive lots of support; socially, emotionally & academically. We reflect our appreciation of this through our behavior and our accomplishments.
College can be stressful – pre-existing conditions can worsen. Students w/ IEPs & accommodations are to meet with a counselor in the college Disabled Student Services office prior to the start of school. 
Students with personal, social and/or emotional issues must maintain their private support systems via parents’ healthcare providers, etc.

Personal Development Courses (PDC) are offered by the college and we strongly recommend them, especially if you have had any difficulty with time management, study skills, etc. Students on Academic Probation will be required to take an appropriate PDC to remain in good standing.

College is different from high school in many ways. The relationship, for better or worse, is solely between the student and the college. Generally speaking, instructors do not accept late work or provide make-up or extra credit opportunities nor do they take calls or requests for information from parents.

The Middle College daily schedule has some flexibility by design. (Some students prefer earlier classes and some schedule extra time for sports or participation in the arts.) Please be aware that students put in very full days: academics come first; we don’t recommend that students be employed outside of their internships unless/until it is clear they can be successful in college. 

To remain in Good Standing students must: 
  • complete at least six college units each semester
  • earn satisfactory grades (no D or F grades) in all high school and college courses
  • attend regularly and promptly (missed days and/or tardies must be made up).
By the time GMCHS students graduate, they should have completed a minimum of 24 college credits, many of which will transfer over to a four year university; some students earn 30 or more college credits in two years. 

GMCHS has been honored by national educational organizations, appeared on television and in newspaper and magazine articles, and earned the highest API in GUHSD. 

We are proud of the accomplishments of all of our students and look forward to their success in Middle College.