These comments are what students of the program say it takes to be a part of Middle College.
The Ideal Middle College High School Candidate/Student
Excerpts from current Middle College Students …
Academic (has a GPA of at least 2.75):
Experience in college classes is helpful.
Good study skills – a want to learn.
Determined to achieve – sets goals and standards.
Comes prepared with materials, determined.
Does not depend on others to make you do work.
Sets high goals – can work without teacher.
Wants to like to read – succeed!
Able and willing to work hard.
Mature and able to work in a mature environment.
Can handle hours of studying.
Can be struggling but needs to be able to handle college classes.
Good study skills.
Shows potential to work hard.
Has completed most of required classes.
Enjoys learning.
Has a history of good performance but seeks bigger challenges.
High test scores.
No discipline problems.
Always improving no matter how good already.
Serious about his/her future.
Hardworking and involved.
Is an independent studier.
Values school over social life (at least to some degree).
Capable writer/reader able to meet college standards.
Willing to accept other people’s opinions.
Good study skills –a want to learn.
Determined to achieve – sets high goals and standards.
Comes prepared with materials, determined.
Be able to drive, set aside study time.
Independent, not a procrastinator.
Capable of dealing with various types of people.
Mature thought process.
Independent working, open for new experience, likes to learn, accepting,
Has a good attitude about class activities and does participate.
Likes to learn.
Willing to make new friends.
Has ability to overcome stress.
Emotionally stable – mature.
Must have self-discipline.
Works well with a group or alone.
Good at making friends, personable and somewhat talkative, open minded.