What is it?

What is it?title

Senior Exhibition is an opportunity is an opportunity for students to review and share their growth and experiences over their two years in Middle College.  While at first it may seem daunting, every senior has commented afterwards that it was a valuable and rewarding experience, a worthy capstone for those who accepted the challenge to cross the bridge to college and career ahead of their peers.
Why do it?

Why do it?title

The importance of communicating effectively cannot be over-emphasized. It may be one of the most significant skills you will use in your life after high school, so it is very appropriate that there be an evaluation of your ability. At work and in your personal life, it will be important to be able to research a topic, develop support, engage an audience, and provide a clear and interesting presentation, in a professional manner. You build confidence in making presentations through experience.

Senior Exhibition also provides you with an opportunity to reflect on your Middle College experience and share it with others in our community.

So, the Senior Exhibition reflects the knowledge and skills you have developed through your many experiences during the past two years and provides you with a platform to reflect and share what you have learned during this very important time.