Advice from Students

Some worthwhile insights and advice from former GMCHS students:

We are all ambassadors. The reputation and the future of Grossmont Middle College High School is ours to maintain and protect every day. The actions of each of us reflect on all of the others. Consider this in all you do.

We are guests. The college waives fees and pays for all facilities costs. If you or your family have a business, you know that just turning on the lights each day is expensive. Take advantage of the tremendous opportunity and show your thanks by doing your best always.

We are both fish and fowl. We are in high school and we are in college at the same time. All rules and requirements for each apply. In some ways, we have twice as many rules and expectations. Is that fair? Maybe not, but that’s life!

We are all instructors. While news about middle college has spread (our office has received requests for information from as far away as New Hampshire and Hawaii!) there are many on the college campus and in the community who haven’t heard about Middle College or aren’t clear about it.

We are pioneers. This is new ground; we are on the educational frontier. While middle colleges have esteemed records in other parts of the country, everything we do at Grossmont College is new. This may require patience, flexibility and creativity on our parts.

We are on a roller coaster. In high school, in college, in your career, and in life, there are ups and downs. They are what make life challenging as well as fun! We probably learn as much, and benefit as much, from stressful times as we do from pleasant times.

Success in life isn’t a function of not having problems; it’s a function of how you deal with problems. And in this is the measure of your character. I heard someone say that, obviously, if you squeeze an orange you get orange juice. Metaphorically, whatever someone is made of, if he or she is pressured or stressed, that is what will be revealed. A person of integrity, even under pressure, is always honorable.

Finally, work hard and have fun!