Independent Colleges

Consider Independent Colleges

For most students, public colleges and universities are the obvious choice. In California, 84% of students end up at state institutions. However, nonprofit, independent colleges and universities (often referred to as private) are often smaller and can offer more personalized attention.

There's no doubt that college is expensive and costs are rising. But the good news is that more than $168 billion in financial aid is available. Although some college price tags are $35,000 and more, these are the "sticker prices," and once grants are taken into consideration, the net price can be significantly lower than the published tuition and fees.

California is home to more than 75 unique, nonprofit, independent colleges and universities, which focus on the individual student. Because each independent college is unique, admission requirements vary. Applicants are evaluated on past achievements, future promise and how they "fit" the school. The individual applicant is considered and personally evaluated.

Websites that offer information on California Independent Colleges include
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