Financial Aid

Paying for College Is a Family Affair

THE SAD FACT is that many students who earn admission to college never go because they do not complete the financial aid process.

THE GOOD NEWS is that there are lots of ways to pay for college and lots of information and help are available to students who honestly need financial aid assistance!!


  • The earlier you begin to think about paying for college the better.
  • Money is available to almost every student who attends college.
  • No one gets financial aid by wishing! You need to apply and follow through.
  • Even the most ambitious student will need help from the adults in the household in order to complete the financial aid application process.
  • You do not need to pay anyone to help you apply for financial aid! Beware of anyone who offers a service for a fee.
  • Often the most expensive colleges have the deepest pockets and can help the very neediest students make college affordable.
In a perfect world, families begin thinking about college finances when their children are still in grade school. But we all know this is NOT a perfect world. So—the time for you to start thinking about paying for college is TODAY!
There is a lot of money available to students with need: While it is true that college costs increase almost yearly, it is also true that there is more financial aid available
than ever before—according to the federal government, over $135 billion. This money comes from the following sources:
  • The U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid (FSA) programs which provide more than $80 billion a year in grants, loans and work-study assistance.
  • State grant and loan programs.
  • College and university grant, loan and scholarship programs.
  • Scholarships given by foundations, corporations, and community organizations.